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BURCA Adrian1, LEUCA Teodor2, CHEREGI Gabriel31,2,3University of Oradea, Romania
Study on Using Concentrators in the Induction-Hardening Process of a Cylindrical Part

CIPOV Vladimír, DOBOŠ Ľubomír, PAPAJ Ján - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Performance Analysis of the Anchor-free Localization Algorithm with Low-Complexity Method for Node Distance Estimation Enhancement Using ToA

COMAN Simina2, LEUCA Teodor1, COMAN Ovidiu1, BANDICI Livia11,2 University of Oradea, Romania
Analysis of Variance in the Process of Drying a Dielectric Material Inside a Microwave Applicator

COMAN Simina2, LEUCA Teodor1, COMAN Ovidiu1, LAZA (BULC) Marcela11,2 University of Oradea, Romania
Full Factorial Design for the Optimization of a Waveguide Position

DEBBAL Mohammed1, CHIKH-BLED Mohammed21,2 University of Tlemcen, Algeria
Analysis and Modeling of Microstructured Fiber Using The Analytical Method Based on The Empirical Equation

DEHINI Rachid, DIB Samira, FERDI Brahim - Bechar University, Algeria
Control of an Power Series Compensator in Distribution Systems Using Artificial Neural Networks

DRĂGHICIU Nicolae1, CREŢIU Petru2 - 1,2 University of Oradea, Romania
ECG Simulator

HACHEMI Glaoui, ABDELDJEBAR Hazzab, BOUSMAHA Bouchiba - Béchar University, Algeria
Speed Synchronization of Multi Induction Motors with Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

HOSSAIN Md. Belayet, CHOUDHURY Dr. Dipankar, ROY Taposh, GHOSH Subir - University of Malaya, Malaysia
Effect of Series Compensation on Optimal Position of Series-Shunt Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) Device for a Long Transmission Line

KREKAN Jan, PLEVA Matus, DOBOS Lubomir - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Security Audit of WLAN Networks Using Statistical Models of Specified Language Group

LAKHOUA Mohamed Najeh1, LAADHARI Hatem2 - 1 Université de Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, 2Société Tunisienne de l’Electricité et du Gaz, Tunisia
Supervision of the Natural Gas Station Using a SCADA System

LAZA (BULC) Marcela1, LEUCA Teodor1, BANDICI Livia1, PANTEA Mircea1, COMAN Simina21,2 University of Oradea, Romania
Analysing the Variance of Heating/Drying Parameters in a Microwave Field for Oak Planks

LAZA (BULC) Marcela1, LEUCA Teodor1, SPOIALA Dragos1 - 1University of Oradea, Romania
Aspects Concerning the Heating/Drying of Oak Planks in a Radiofrequency Field

LUPU Ciprian1, BANDICI Livia2, MOLNAR Carmen3, POPESCU Dumitru4 - 1,4Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania, 2, 3University of Oradea, Romania
Reduced Simulation Strategy – Multiple Model Applicability

LUPU Ciprian1, TABACU Ciprian2, CAMPAN Dan Lucian3, TERTISCO Mihai4 - 1,2,3,4University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania
Shock Absorbers Multi-Modeling and Suspension Optimization

MĂGDOIU Liliana Doina1, RADA Ioan Constantin1 - 1University of Oradea, Romania
The Initial and Ongoing Training of Engineer Economists as Human Resources for The Labor Market

MESHKIN Reza1, MAGHSOODI Mahrokh2, SABERKARI Alireza2, NIABOLI-GUILANI Mohammad3 - 1Islamic Azad University, Lashtenesha-Zibakenar Branch, Iran, 2University of Guilan, Iran, 3Islamic Azad University, Roudbar Branch, Iran
High Efficient CMOS Class-E Power Amplifier with a New Output Power Control Scheme

MOLNAR Carmen Otilia1, LEUCA Teodor1, COMAN Simina2, ARION Mircea1, SOPRONI Vasile Darie11,2 University of Oradea, Romania
Results Concerning the Optimization of Factors that Interfere in the Drying Process of Skins in Microwave Field

MORGOŞ Lucian - University of Oradea, Romania
Turbo Decoding Using BCJR Algorithm

NIŢAN Ilie1, UNGUREANU Constantin2, MILICI Mariana Rodica3, MILICI Laurenţiu Dan4, CERNOMAZU Dorel51,2,3,4,5„Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania
Experimental Study of the Influence of Operating Position on the Behavior of an Electromechanical Actuator with Volatile Liquid

ONDAS Stanislav, PLEVA Matus, LOJKA Martin, SULIR Martin, JUHAR Jozef - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Server-based Speech Technologies for Mobile Robotic Applications

PAPAJ Ján, DOBOŠ Ľubomír, ČIŽMÁR Anton - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Enhanced DSR Routing Protocol for the Short Time Disconnected MANET

PAPAJ Ján, DOBOŠ Ľubomír, ČIŽMÁR Anton – Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Performance Analysis of the Enhanced DSR Routing Protocol for the Short Time Disconnected MANET to the OPNET Modeler

PARWAL Arvind1, KHAN Md. Arif2, SHARMA Arvind3, THOMBRE Ashish Digambar4 - 1Fiji National University, Fiji, 2,3,4 Krishna Institute of Engineering & Tech, Ghaziabad, India
Minimization of Power Loss in Distribution Systems by Implementation of High Voltage Distribution System

PAVEL Valentina1, BOBEAN Crina21,2 Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Claw-pole Synchronous Generator for Compressed Air Energy Storage

POPA Monica - University of Oradea, Romania
Numerical Modeling of Electric Conduction Regime Coupled with Transient Thermal

PURCARU Dorina1, GORDAN Cornelia2, PURCARU Ion31,3 University of Craiova, Romania, 2 University of Oradea, Romania
An Application of the PC104 Interface with Synchronized Sampling of Analog Inputs in Energetic Systems

RADA Ioan Constantin1, MĂGDOIU Liliana Doina1 - 1University of Oradea, Romania
Managers and Engineer Economists in the Development of the Social Economy

ROMANIUC Ilie - „Ştefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania
New Devices for Electret Measurement

SCURTU Gheorghe Lucian - University of Oradea, Romania
Numerical Simulation of Induction Through-Heater in Dynamic Operation Mode

SILAGHI Helga1, SPOIALĂ Viorica1, PURECE ABRUDAN Adriana1, FAZECAS Eniko1 - 1University of Oradea, Romania
Active Power Filters Under Marketing Aspect

STANCIU Bogdan1, NOVAC Mihaela2, NAGY Ştefan2 - 1S.C. UAMT Oradea, România, 2 University of Oradea, România
Aspects Regarding the Determination by Numerical Means of Dissipated Power by Joule-Lenz Effect of Eddy Currents

TATAI Ildiko, TOADER Dumitru, ARVINTI Beatrice, ILIE Simona - “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Romania
Considerations on the Mathematical model for Calculating the Single-phase Grounding

TONŢ Gabriela1, SECARĂ Oana Maria2, TONŢ Dan George31,2,3University of Oradea, Romania
Bayesian Reliability Analysis of Non-Stationarity in Multi-agent Systems

ZERGAT Kawthar Yasmine, AMROUCHE Abderrahmane - USTHB, Algeria
Influence of G.729 Coded Bitstream in Automatic Speaker Recognition Using Gaussian Mixture Model

ZLACKÝ Daniel, STAŠ Ján, JUHÁR Jozef, ČIŽMÁR Anton - Technical University of Košice, Slovakia
Term Weighting Schemes for Slovak Text Document Clustering