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ALBU Razvan-Daniel – University of Oradea, Romania

An Ensemble with Encoded Inputs Arbitrated By a Recurrent Neural Network for Web Services Reliability Prediction

AMEL Bouzera1, 3, ROCHDI El Abdi2,*, ERWANN Carvou1, NOUREDDINE Benjemâa1, LAURENT Tristani3, EL MOSTAFA Zindine31Université de Rennes1,2Université de Rennes1, 3FCI, France

Influence of Cable Vibrations on Connectors Used in Automotive Applications

ARION Mircea, LEUCA Teodor, HATHAZI Francisc Ioan, SOPRONI Vasile Darie, MOLNAR Carmen, CHEREGI Gabriel – University of Oradea, Romania

Aspects Regarding the Numerical Computation of the Eddy Current Problem within the Electromagnetic Induction Processes of Thin Planes

ARION Mircea, HATHAZI Francisc Ioan – University of Oradea, Romania

The Numerical Computation of Coupled Problem for the Electromagnetic and Thermal Field within the Hardening Processes of Valve Guides Through Electromagnetic Induction

BENATIA B Mostefa, BEKKOUCHE Fatima, BEKKOUCHE Benaissa University of Mostaganem, Algeria

New Geometrical Approach for the Air-gap Reluctance Calculation for the Design of the Machines by the Flow Lines Method

BOKHARI Syed Umar1, KHAN Muhammad Zahid2 1University of Liverpool, 2Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

Implementation of Signal Processing in Stereo-Scopic Active Sonar Using Heterodyne System

COMAN Ovidiu Gabriel1, LEUCA Teodor1 , VICAS Simina21,2University of Oradea, Romania

Numerical Modeling of Drying Wood in High Frequency Electromagnetic Field

COMAN Ovidiu Gabriel1, BANDICI Livia1, LEUCA Teodor1, VICAS Simina21,2University of Oradea, Romania

Electrothermal System for Microwave Heating. Elements of Computer Aided Design of the Applicator

CONSTANGIOARA AlexandruUniversity of Oradea, Romania

The Impact of Supply Chain Performance on Organizational Performance

DINE Mohamed1, SAYAH Houari1, LEMDANI Soufiane21,2University of Djillal Liabes, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria

Accurate Fault Location Algorithm on Power Transmission Lines With Use of Two-end Unsynchronized Measurements

FILIP Andrei-Toader, HANGIU Radu-Petru, MARTIS Claudia, BIRO Karoly-AgostonTechnical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

          Multiphysics Modeling of an Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

GORDAN Ioan Mircea1, MICH-VANCEA Claudiu21,2University of Oradea, Romania 

About Solar Radiation Intensity Measurements and Data Processing

GRAVA Adriana, GRAVA Cristian, NOVAC Mihaela, PANTEA Mircea – University of Oradea, Romania

Bond-graph Methods for Electric Circuits Analysis

HANGIU Radu-Petru, FILIP Andrei-Toader, MARTIS Claudia Steluta, BIRÓ Károly Ágoston – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania 

System-level Modeling and Simulation of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for an Integrated Starter Alternator

HRENIUC Ruslan Ovidiu, TIURBE Cristian – University of Oradea, Romania

Numerical Modelling of Induction Heating Process for Testing Plant

LAZA (BULC) Marcela1, BANDICI Livia1, LEUCA Teodor1, VICAS (COMAN) Simina1, PANTEA Mircea1University of Oradea, Romania

           Thermal Field Distribution and Numerical Modeling in the Process of Melon Microwave Drying

LAZA (BULC) Marcela, SPOIALA DragosUniversity of Oradea, Romania

Numerical Modeling of The Electromagnetic Field Of Pine Plank In Radio Frequency Heating

LI Dewen, XIE Xuemei, ZHANG ZhanlongChongqing University, P.R.China 

A Study on the Thermal Effect of the Current-Carrying Capacity of Embedded Underground Cable

MECHGOUG Raihane1 , TITAOUINE Nacer2 – University Mohamed Kheidre , Algeria

Exchange Rate Prediction using Neural – Genetic Model

PANTEA Mircea1, LAZA BULC Marcela1, GRAVA Adriana1, SILAGHI Alexandru Marius11University of Oradea, Romania

The Influence of Microwaves on Wood Drying and Moisture Migration Inside

POPA MonicaUniversity of Oradea, Romania

Numerical Models for the Study of Electromagnetic Shielding

POPOVICI Ovidiu, HOBLE Dorel AntonUniversity of Oradea, Romania

Influence of the Ambient Temperature, to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Functioning

SINGH AlkaDelhi Technological University, India

Current Control and Performance Evaluation of Converter Interfaced Distribution Resources in Grid Connected Mode

ZELLAGUI Mohamed1, CHAGHI Abdelaziz21,2University of Batna, Algeria 

A Comparative Study of Impact Series FACTS Devices on Distance Relay Setting in 400 kV Transmission Line