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Journal of Computer Science and Control Systems (JCSCS)

P-ISSN: 1844-6043
E-ISSN: 2067-2101
CD-ISSN: 2067–2098

Place of publishing: Oradea, Romania
Year of the first issue: 1967
Releasing frequency: 2 / year
Language: English

Access type: Open Access

Instructions for authors

Description of the reviewing process


Complete apparition in 2023:

1st issue: Vol. 16 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 16 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2022:

1st issue: Vol. 15 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 15 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2021:

1st issue: Vol. 14 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 14 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2020:

1st issue: Vol. 13 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 13 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2019:

1st issue: Vol. 12 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 12 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2018:

1st issue: Vol. 11 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 11 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2017:

1st issue: Vol. 10 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 10 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2016:

1st issue: Vol. 9 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 9 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2015:

1st issue: Vol. 8 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 8 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2014:

1st issue: Vol. 7 Nr.1

2nd issue: Vol. 7 Nr.2

Complete apparition in 2013:

1st issue: Vol. 6 Nr. 1

2nd issue: Vol. 6 Nr. 2

Complete apparition in 2012:

1st issue:     Vol. 5   Nr. 1

2nd issue:    Vol. 5   Nr. 2


Links to International Data Bases where JCSCS is indexed/covered/abstracted: 


Index Copernicus


Ulrich's Update - Periodicals Directory

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)

JournalSeek - Online Scholarly Journals

INTUTE, University of Manchester




Publishing House name/address:

Editura Universităţii din Oradea / University of Oradea Publishing House

Universitatea din Oradea, Str. Universităţii Nr. 1, 410087, Oradea, Bihor, Romania
Eugen Gergely
e-mail:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
phone:   0040 259 408 204
fax:        0040 259 408 412

The author(s) of each article appearing in the Journal of Computer Science and 
Control Systems  is/are solely responsible for the content thereof;  the publication
of an article shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute any representation by
the Editors or the University of Oradea Publishing House that the data presented
therein are original, correct or sufficient to support the conclusions reached or
that the experiment design or methodology is adequate.


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