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The authors are kindly asked to correctly format their manuscripts prior to
submission, according to the formatting instructions. It is strongly 
recommended to type your paper directly in this template (or by using copy-paste 
from your draft-paper).

The manuscripts can be submitted online (see the dedicated website) or by e-mail
(see the contact persons), both in .doc and .pdf formats.

After submission, each paper is reviewed. The peer-review process of the Journal of
Computer Science and Control Systems (JCSCS) is double blinded. It is almost
impossible to have your paper accepted without any modification suggested. After the
submission of the reports from all the reviewers, the Editorial Board can take one
of the following decisions:
a. Reject 
b. Review again after major changes 
c. Publish after minor changes 
d. Publish without any changes

When the Editorial Board takes the final decision concerning the acceptance of the
article for publication, the author(s) shall send the camera-ready paper (both in
.doc and .pdf formats) and shall download, print, fill-in, sign and send to the
Editorial Board the Copyright Transfer Form:

I hereby transfer the Copyright of the paper (paper title) by (authors) to The
Publisher of the JCSCS, represented by its Editor-in-Chief. The author(s) reserve(s)
all proprietary rights such as patent rights and the right to use all or part of the
article in future works of their own such as lectures, press releases, and reviews
of textbooks. In the case of republication of the whole, part, or parts thereof, in
periodicals or reprint publications by a third party, written permission must be
obtained from The Publisher of JCSCS, or his designated publisher. I am authorized
to execute this transfer of copyright on behalf of all the authors of the article
named above. I hereby declare that the material being presented by me/us in this
paper is my/our original work, and does not contain or include material taken from
other copyrighted sources. Wherever such material has been included, it has been
clearly intended or/and identified by quotation marks and due and proper
acknowledgements given by citing the source at appropriate places. The paper, the
final version of which I enclose, is not substantially the same as any that I/we
have already published elsewhere.  I/we have not sent the paper or any paper
substantially the same as the enclosed one, for publication anywhere else. The
submitted/enclosed camera-ready paper is thoroughly proofread by me and in
conformity with the instructions for authors communicated to me (as per JCSCS
submission guide at  

Helpful  hints for paper preparation:

1. The title should be substantially different from others. It should be very
specific, not too long and not too general.  Avoid general titles,  e.g., 'Research
on computer science' or 'Contributions to Control Systems Theory'.

2. Write a concise abstract and 3-5 keywords. An abstract should show your
motivation (why is the problem important?), problem statement (what problem is the
paper trying to solve?), approach (what was done to solve the problem?), results
(what is the answer to the problem?) and conclusions (what implications does the
answer imply?). A good practice is to encapsulate each of these parts into one

3. For the paper organization, carefully plan your sections and subsections. Keep a
logical flow throughout the paper.

4. An Introduction should reveal the importance of the subject, present an overview
on current research on the subject,  continue a tradition, or propose a completely
new approach. Also, it should emphasise the intent, the relevant characteristics and
the results of your own work. Finally, it should provide a brief image of the
structure of the paper.

5. The content of the paper should emphasize on the approach, means, tools, results,
significance and originality of your work.

6. The Conclusions should be drawn by taking into account that a research paper
should be circular in arguments, i.e., the conclusion should return to the original
purpose and  examine the improvements brought to the topic.

7. The References section provides you the opportunity to show your knowledge in the
related area. Use a proper selection of references. Related work should be organized
to serve your topic. Cite good quality and up to date work, particularly when citing
your own work.

The author(s) of each article appearing in the Journal of Computer Science and
Control Systems  is/are solely responsible for the content thereof;  the publication
of an article shall not constitute or be deemed to constitute any representation by
the Editors or the University of Oradea Publishing House that the data presented
therein are original, correct or sufficient to support the conclusions reached or
that the experiment design or methodology is adequate.