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AGOSTON Katalin – “Petru Maior” University of Tg. Mures, Romania
Modeling Displacement Measurement using Vibration Transducers

ALBU Razvan-Daniel - University of Oradea, Romania
A Study about Web 3.0 based E-Learning Tools in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

BANDICI Livia - University of Oradea, Romania
The Influence of the Electromagnetic Field and of the Thermal Field on the Processing of Birch Wood in a Microwave Field

BARRAJ Imen, TRABELSI Hatem, MASMOUDI Mohamed - University of Sfax, Tunisia
A Novel Pulse Shaping for UWB Impulse Radio IEEE 802.15.4a Communications Systems

BUCIU Ioan – University of Oradea, Romania
Challenges and Specifications for Robust Face and Gait Recognition Systems for Surveillance Application

COMAN Ovidiu1, LEUCA Teodor1, COMAN Simina21,2University of Oradea, Romania
Designing Solutions using Response Surface Technique

COMAN Ovidiu1, LEUCA Teodor1, COMAN Simina21,2University of Oradea, Romania
Numerical Modeling of Wheat Seeds in Microwave Field

DRAGHICIU Nicolae, PEPENEATA Andrei – University of Oradea, Romania
Educational Purpose Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Simulator

DULAU Mircea – “Petru Maior” University of Tîrgu-Mures, Romania
Estimation of the Processing Parameters in Electron Beam Thermal Treatments

FERDI Brahim1, DIB Samira1, BERBAOUI Brahim21Bechar University, Algeria, 2Renewable Energy in Saharan Environment Research Unit, RESERU, Adrar, Algeria
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Driven Wind Energy Conversion System Based on Parallel Active Power Filter

GORDAN Ioan Mircea1, PURCARU Dorina Mioara2, VANCEA Cristian31University of Oradea, Romania, 2University of Craiova, Romania, 3University of Oradea, Romania
Contributions to Optimize the Operation of a Thermoelectric Conversion Equipment

HARROUZ Abdelkader1, BENATIALLAH Ali1, HARROUZ Omar21University of Adrar, Algeria, 2University of Bordeaux, France
Permissible Maximum Errors of Measurement Instruments in Metering Systems of Fluids

HOSSAIN Sakir – International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh
Rain Attenuation Prediction for Terrestrial Microwave Link in Bangladesh

KIKTOVA Eva, LOJKA Martin, JUHAR Jozef, CIZMAR Anton – Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Feature Selection for Audio Surveillance in Urban Environment

LEUCA Teodor1, NOVAC Mihaela1, STANCIU Bogdan2, BURCA Adrian1, CODREAN Marius1 – 1University of Oradea, România, 2S.C. UAMT Oradea, România
Using Minitab-Box Benken Software to Optimize the Induction Heating Process

LEUCA Teodor1, NOVAC Mihaela1, STANCIU Bogdan2, BURCA Adrian1, CODREAN Marius1 – University of Oradea, România, 2S.C. UAMT Oradea, România
Using Some Coupled Numerical Models in Problems of Designing an Inductive Electrothermal Equipment

LOJKA Martin, ONDAS Stanislav, PLEVA Matus, JUHAR Jozef – Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Multi-thread Parallel Speech Recognition for Mobile Applications

LUPU Ciprian, OANCEA Dumitru – University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Balancing Structure for Multiple Generator

MACKOVÁ Lenka, CIŽMÁR Anton – Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic
Speaker Recognition from Emotional Speech Using I-vector Approach

MAGHSOODI Mahrokh – University of Guilan, Iran
Microstrip Line-fed Hexagonal Patch Antenna with Inner Circle

MORGOS Lucian, GORDAN Cornelia, REIZ Romulus – University of Oradea, Romania
Iterative Estimation in Turbo Equalization Process

ONDAS Stanislav1, JUHAR Jozef1, HOLCER Roland21Technical University of Košice, Slovakia, 2ZTS VVÚ KOŠICE a.s., Slovakia
Methodology for Training Small Domain-specific Language Models and Its Application in Service Robot Speech Interface

OROS (POP) Teodora Susana, VADAN Ioan, POP Radu, BRAD Claudiu – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Linear Generator for a Free Piston Stirling Engine

OULD CHERCHALI Noureddine1, MORSLI Abdelkader2, BOUCHERIT Mohamed-Seghir2, BARAZANE Linda3
1University of Medea, Algeria, 2National Polytechnic School ENP, Algeria, 3University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria

Robust Controller to Extract the Maximum Power of a Photovoltaic System

PACURAR Ana Talida1, TOADER Dumitru1, PACURAR Cristian21,2Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania
Case Study - Monitoring the Photovoltaic Panels

PAPAJ Jan, PALITEFKA Roman, DOBOŠ Lubomir – Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia
DTN Modeling in OPNET Modeler

PASCA Alexandra, MICU Dan Doru, CZUMBIL Levente – Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Prediction of Operating Characteristics of Electrotechnical Devices using Artificial Neural Networks

POPA Monica – University of Oradea, Romania
3D Models of a Transversal Flux Inductor

PURCARU Dorina-Mioara1, GORDAN Ioan Mircea2, PURCARU Anca31University of Craiova, Romania, 2University of Oradea, Romania, 3VIG-IMPEX, Romania
Practical Aspects Concerning the Digital Implementation of Complex Protection Functions for Hydrogenerators

SOPONARIU Alexandru1, LUPU Ciprian21,2University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Temperature and Flow Decoupling Control for Air Heater Systems

TEPELEA Laviniu1, GAVRILUT Ioan1, TIPONUT Virgil2, SZOLGAY Péter3, GACSÁDI Alexandru11University of Oradea, Romania, 2Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania, 3Pázmány Peter Catholic University, Hungary
OCR Application on Smartphone for Visually Impaired People

VANCEA Cristian1, GORDAN Mircea2, POP Florica3, BITTENBINDER Maria41,2,4University of Oradea, Romania, 3School Onisifor Ghibu Oradea, Romania
Cascaded Use of Geothermal Energy and the Thermal Energy Production with Low Costs at the University of Oradea

ZLACKÝ Daniel, STAŠ Ján, JUHÁR Jozef, CIŽMÁR Anton – Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic
Text Categorization with Latent Dirichlet Allocation